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Volunteer Programs in Tanzania.

Volunteer tourism provides individuals and groups the opportunity to purposefully reach out to the less privileged members of the society in an engagement of mutual benefit for the volunteer and the community. It provides for interaction, community involvement and development of long-term relationships. Since the programs are within a community, invariably, the volunteer learns to appreciates alternative problem solving approaches that may be unfamiliar to them, but effective in local cultural settings. By the end of the program the volunteer acquires lifelong skills and is part of a rich cross-cultural experience that often shapes their destiny.

Mpenda Safari Tours& Co. Ltd can help you identify and narrow down on a volunteer activity that will assist you spend your holiday, gap year or sabbatical in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

Volunteer durations:

1-2 weeks, 2-4 weeks, 5-8 weeks, 9-12 weeks, 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 1-2 years and over 2 years

Typical Duration: 2-4 weeks
Commencement Dates: All year round

Volunteer opportunities available:

Children Orphanage.
Volunteers work alongside the staff of the orphanage to care for, play with and mentor the children. The work may also include feeding, dressing and teaching within the homes. Other tasks may include cleaning and tidying the homes as well as cooking.

Volunteer for this position may need to be adaptable, flexible and strong hearted.

Medical and Health
Volunteers for this area are given responsibilities depending on your medical qualifications. Qualified doctors and nurses may be allowed to treat some diseases however your certificates may be subject to scrutiny by the Ministry of Health and you may be required to work under the supervision of a local medical practitioner. Medical students also have to work under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.

Volunteers who do not have medical training may be assigned supportive tasks. Volunteer opportunities are available in maternal health, mental health, laboratories, counseling and testing. Upon request opportunities can be sought in clinics located in urban slums, or in rural hospitals and clinics.

Most teaching opportunities are in art, music, science and languages. While volunteer teachers may not be required to have teaching experience, a tertiary education is required of the volunteer. In addition the volunteer may be required to work under supervision. Usually volunteers may be posted to work in remote areas and in schools sponsored by non-governmental organizations among marginalized groups.

Tanzania has an infection rate of about 7 percent. More than 100,000 children have been infected or orphaned by this killer disease.

Volunteers opportunities exist in community development projects, orphanages and church initiatives, and counseling centers aimed at students and the community.

Highlights of Mpenda Safari Tours and Co. Ltd Volunteer programs:
* Affordable program price as low as $695 for 2 weeks full board
* Variety of volunteer service projects
* Flexibility of the Programs
* 24/7 support for our volunteers

* Be 18 years and older
* Have no major health issues
* Experience may be required for HIV and AIDS counseling program
* The Medical and Health Volunteer Program may require a medical background, unless you intend to perform general duties like drug packing etc.
* Reference from your immediate supervisor or professor


Cost starting from:
*Cost for 2 weeks – US $695
*Cost for 3 weeks – US $795
*Cost for 1 month – US $895
*Cost for 5 weeks – US $995
*Cost for 6 weeks – US $1095
*Cost for 2 months – US $1295
*Cost for 10 weeks – US $1495
*Cost for 3 months – US $1695
*Cost for 4 months – US $2095
*Cost for 6 months – US $2895

Cost Include:
The volunteer program fee covers in-country orientation, airport pickup, transport to project (if necessary), training, meals and accommodation during placement, and supervision.
The other costs you will need to meet are your flights, visa, vaccinations, travel insurance, your departure from the program, and airport departure taxes. You will also need to bring additional funds to cater for all your other expenses like bottled water, personal costs, beverages, and entertainment.

Experience Required: none


community centers
health care
health education
indigenous issues

street kids
women’s programs
youth development

This program is open to worldwide participants. This program is also open to families, couples and individuals.

Typical Living Arrangements:

*Apartment/ for rent house
*Group living