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Stage 1-Do Longer Hikes

Stage 1-Do Longer HikesThe very best way to prepare for climbing to higher mountain like Kilimanjaro is to climb to high altitude. Although this is difficult for most people, remember that the higher the altitude and the longer the hikes, the better. Whether it be to hike 2,000 feet to the top of the local hills or climbing larger mountains further afield; just being out hiking up hill is the best. This also allows you to get accustomed to your backpack and hiking boots.

So my advise is, if you’re free during weekends, strap a pack on your back, and follow that trail uphill, keep it slowly and steady, enjoy the rhythm and do it with a sense of fun-; )..

PS; You can start with an hour or 2 hike, and if you have time, try to finish some few longer day hikes ,3-5 hours with your backpack and hiking boots.


Running and biking are also very good and at least take you outdoors so you can test your equipment. Stair masters and climbing machines at the gym will work if outdoor hiking isn’t an option. Try not to go for short hard blasts of exercise but long sustained workouts instead. An adequate training regime is to maintain 80% of your max heart rate (220 minus your age) for an hour, three to four days a week. keep in mind, high altitude mountain climbing requires acclimatization and a strong mind is as important as a strong body. Also swimming, proper stretching and warm-up are awfully important. Enjoy it all. KILIMANJARO PACKING LIST
below find some few information pertaining fitness preparation, Maybe it is of help to you guys.

Also you can check out this independent and acclimatization guide for more info about Altitude mountain sickness by clicking on this link…/altitude.html