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Educational Safaris

Educational SafarisTanzania Adventure, cross-cultural experience, history, hiking, gaming, mission and volunteer work are some of the considerations for many students wishing to visit Africa. It gets better if the visit is structured in a way that allows the student to learn and thus earn academic credits. Mpenda Safari Tour&Co.Ltd recognizes this need and works with professors to ensure that this is possible. Mpenda Safari Tour & Co. Ltd has coordinated with college professors and group team leaders to ensure that academic considerations are included in the safari itinerary, in effect allowing the student to earn credits upon completion of the visit. We will be much obliged to do the same for your group. Envisaged requirements may vary from organising for internships while in the country, advising on prerequisites for undertaking various projects, ensuring that the guest house/hotel/hostel/rest House provides a debriefing room and presentation equipments to conduct lectures, sourcing guest lecturers and experts to give public lectures to the group, including work based visits such as homes for street children, orphanages, drug rehabilitation centers, slum areas, etc.