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Holiday BeachesZANZIBAR

Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of Zanzibar and Pemba Islands, and several islets. It is located in the Indian Ocean, about 25 miles from the Tanzanian coast, and 6° south of the equator. Zanzibar Island (known locally as Unguja, but as Zanzibar internationally) is 60 miles long and 20 miles wide, occupying a total area of approximately 650 square miles. It is characterised by beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, and the magic of historic Stone Town – said to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa. Zanzibar’s brilliant white beaches lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean provide the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun and take a break from some busy sightseeing.

The name Pangani comes from the river that runs from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro through the northern part of the historical town of Pangani. Pangani was established before the Sixth Century BC. It was instrumental in the slave trade era as the port was used to move ivory and slaves to Europe, America and other places. The historical sites are strong reminders of the German, British and Arabic influences of its past. Today Pangani is a treasure to the tourist not only for its historical sites but for its white sandy quiet beaches, flanked with coconut trees. The primary industry in this area is fishing.

Bagamoyo meaning lay down you heart is the oldest town in Tanzania and is designated as Tanzania’s seventh world heritage site. Its rich history is influenced by the German colonial government, Christian missionaries and by Indian and Arab traders. Bagamoyo lies beside the Indian Ocean, but is no longer a busy port city. The Department of Antiquities is working to revitalize the town and maintain the dozens of ruins in and around it. We won’t tease you, we will arrange for an experienced guide to accompany you during you visit to the various historical sites.
Some 2000 meters from the ocean lay the German and Mwanamakuka cemeteries. The tombs at Mwanamakuka are built in traditional Arab style. The oldest of these dates back to 1793. The Chuo cha Sanaa, or College of Arts, is located next to the cemetery where clients can take drumming or sculpture lessons from students,