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Safiri Afrika is the Company registered under the name of Mpenda Safari Tours Company Limited is registered and licensed by Ministry of Tourism as a Tour Operator, a Tanzanian with a deep interest and love for Africa people and nature. Company registered No.94677 Mpenda Safari Tours Company Limited a small, exclusive company founded on the principle of providing to our guests a true experience of the life, culture, and natural beauty of Tanzania. Let our experienced guides show you the cultures and wilds of Africa. It is the intent of Tanganyika Trekkers to design a safari around you. And we will work with each of our guests to discover your desires, interests and needs to create a safari wholly fulfilling for you.

As Tanzania Safari Specialists, we arrange African safaris for small groups, individuals and family groups, who are interested in Eco and cultural tourism and are moved to protect the precious natural resources of Tanzania for future generations.

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Renson Maro Director

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