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Kilimanjaro Trekkings

Kilimanjaro TrekkingsMany travellers are attracted to the highest point in Africa – Uhuru Peak on Kibo – which can be reached by several easy walking or scrambling routes. The two main summits of Kilimanjaro: craggy Mawenzi, 5149m, and ‘flat-topped’, Kibo, 5896m are separated by The Saddle, a 5km wide, high-altitude, semi-desert. From the summit glaciers, screes, cliffs, afro-alpine moorland then forests lead down to the cultivated foothills below.

The main routes to Kilimanjaro Trekkings are:

The Marangu Route offers walking on gentle forest and moorland paths up to 4700m. Above, scree leads to Gillman’s Point on the often snowy crater rim which is followed to Uhuru Peak. Accommodation is in huts. The Machame and Umbwe Routes are tougher. Steep forest paths, easy scrambling and airy ridges lead to the final screes and hence the crater. Nights are spent in tents. The Mweka Route is generally used to descend after either of the last two routes.

The Shira, Nanjara and Oloitokitok Routes are more remote but can be organised by us. The remote Lemosho Glades Route, is particularly beautiful and goes through one of the few areas on Kilimanjaro that is rich in game.

The Kilimanjaro trekkings can be don on any day of the year because Kilimanjaro is near to the equator and experience no winter and summer times instead the regional only gets dry and rain seasons. For Kilimanjaro trekkings you will need quality gears that is four seasons climbing gears which can be found here –

We have two shops where you ca hire the items you need for Kilimanjaro trekkings, the shops are full of climbing gears which are recommend for high altitude. We have invested in quality gears for the people who need to rent the gears instead of buying the items which will be used once and never be used again in the future.

Kilimanjaro Trekkings.