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Mission Safaris

Mission SafarisMission work abroad can be fun, fulfilling and often times a meaningful and humbling experience. Indeed many missionaries will tell you mission work has helped them appreciate what you and I often take for granted. But beyond that, missions usually provide you with an opportunity to explore the world, only in a more meaningful and experiential manner.

Having said that, planning and execution of the mission is often a grueling and exasperating experience that could easily leave the planners frustrated. At the height of these frustrations, things are likely to slip out of hand, particularly if the local personnel, being relied upon in the mission country is not as experienced or as responsive as the planners need. It gets trickier if they have not worked with the legal, tax, municipal, importation, accommodation, security, safety, hygiene requirements of foreign groups previously and thus generally cannot advise adequately on the general logistical and technical aspects of the mission.

Under such circumstances a group is likely to assume the needs of the host community based on past experience, previous visits or literature available about the community, only to be met by a rude shock when on the ground. In such circumstances what may have began as a noble act of goodwill designed to reach out to a needy community can easily spiral to a frustrating and regrettable blame-finding exercise within the group.

It is precisely for this reason that Mpenda Safari Tour & Co. Ltd exists; to minimize nasty experiences or difficulties for our clients. As a result of experience Mpenda Safari Tour & Co. Ltd has developed proficiency in planning, advising and executing missions and volunteer safaris. We advise and provide for what may easily pass for obvious, but do so, with the same zeal as we do when it comes to the technical aspect of your mission. Our expertise been developed largely by serving religious working on touching the lives of ordinary and needy “wananchi” in a spiritual or physical way. However we have also been approached by professional groups and organizations seeking to utilize their professional skills to impact on communities in the way of voluntourism.
Indeed it is the core value whose attributes should be visible to all our clients. Thus once you engage us we immediately assume a stewardship role over you and your project and work at leaving nothing to chance. This attribute and the proficiency we have gained over the years is arguably what makes us a leading mission, voluntourism and educational safaris tour operator. It is part of the reasons why our clients want to use us time and again.

Further and equally important, Mpenda Safari Tour & Co. Ltd, is invested in a reliable, well maintained and relatively new 4WD fleet of custom-made tour vans that will get you to virtually any location.

Over time we have build relationships with service providers in our industry and cemented excellent working relationships that afford us the confidence to promise you a one-stop shop. But beyond that it is no secret that Mpenda Safari Tour & Co. Ltd, has decorated, seasoned and professional tour guides / drivers who have vast expertise in touring East Africa and working with mission and educational groups. As a result we are confident when we say that we do not leave safety and security of our clients to chance, be it on the road or in the field. Through constant drills our guides are constantly aware of the available options available to take in the unlikely event of an emergency. These guides are indeed an integral reason why clients keep using Mpenda Safari Tour & Co. Ltd. as is evident through from our client reviews.
For good results we insist on being involved in your mission planning right from the start. This way we assist you to avoid assumptions and mistakes that we have seen in the past. As a result we end up not only saving you from some embarrassments but helping you save resources that could otherwise go into your mission and of course help you get value for your money.

To avoid disappointing you Mpenda Safari Tours & Co. Ltd reserves the right to decline your brief if it threatens to compromise a scheduled brief or if the time given may compromise the quality of service we will render you.
General Info
Safari attire should be casual and comfortable. Feel free to carry your favourite shorts and cowboy hat if you come from that part of the world. In the game lodges, the coast hotels and country hotels, the emphasis is on informality and comfort. A sweater for the chilly evenings and a light cotton dress or shirt for the day would be appropriate.

Whilst no inoculations are required for travelers from Europe and North America, it is advisable to consult your doctor before departure for advise on malaria prevention. Anti-malaria measures are strongly recommended especially when visiting areas outside the main cities. Most lodges and camps provide bed nets for night-time protection while you should plan to carry some mosquito repellants that will serve you for the period you are here. You will nonetheless be happy to know that bug and mosquito repellants are easily available in many supermarkets while anti malaria are also easily available at the local pharmacies.